We’re getting close now and she has to write in her notes who the birthing partner(s) are so naturally I’m down on there and she’s also written her mother down. That’s fine, its sensible what if something happens and I can’t be there, she’s got a backup.

Wrong, she’s considering having us both there at the birth. This only came to light the other day, in Costa, in public. I bit my tongue on what I wanted to say but still expressed my opinion. Whether it was taken on board or not I don’t know. What followed was a mental battle over a frozen mango smoothie and a latte. Both silent and stubborn but in public. Terse questions were asked about which shop we should visit next and when are we going to the supermarket. These did little to break the frosty atmosphere and we left the coffee shop. The mood mellowed as we walked around and we were back to normal as is typical with our small “arguments” whether out loud or silent and brooding. Nothing was resolved and there is still a mother-in-law sized elephant in the room.


My issue is that it is our child we are bringing in to the world. I don’t want her mother there any more than she wants my mother there. I realise that it’s for comfort, she’s likely scared and there’s only so much I can do. It will spoil it for me though, I don’t want anyone else taking the moment away from me.


I don’t know if its selfish or not. Probably.


I’ll likely be told off for bringing it back up again.